Varun Singal

“Natural beauty is the best beauty.”

Today we meet Varun Singal, he produces high quality hot processed natural soaps.

Hello Varun, happy to meet you and thanks for your time!

Firstly tell us a bit about you and your business?

I come from the land of Ayurveda and Yoga and feel strongly towards achieving equality and sustainability in whatever I do or produce. My mum used to make vegetarian soaps at home when she was a newly wed – 40 years later I’m following in her footsteps and sharing her love for natural home remedies with the world after mixing in my own experiences.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in 1985 in the Corbusier city called Chandigarh in North India and felt a strong connection to nature and its products. After being bullied most of my high school I decided to exile to Australia to pursue my Masters degree. After spending ten years working the corporate grind in the western comforts I decided to discard it all and search for a truer and wholesome life. That life brought to me become a certified yoga teacher in 2014 and go on to creating and running India’s first lgbt yoga retreat in Goa and pushing for equality via decriminalisation in India at the time.

I fell in love and decided to move to Berlin for good in 2019 and it’s where my dream of sharing my yoga practice and handmade artisan products came into effect.

You rased in india lived in australia and now in berlin,Germany.What was the most impressive experience and where do you felt most home?

I feel I’ve lived a few lives already in different places and contrasting lifestyles. I believe one can be happy anywhere since the feeling comes from within and not a place or a country.

What makes Berlin for you a place for staying? or do you plan another place on earth?

Home is where the heart is and berlin let’s me be who I am which is the most important factor for me.

I would live anywhere as long as I didn’t have to hide myself and I could walk hand in hand with my husband without fear.

You teached yoga in 2014. If you are thinking about peoples health, concisness and sustainability what would you recommend everyone to have a healthier and better life.

My biggest lesson was to understand that the purpose of life was to be happy. A balanced life is a combination of mental, physical and emotional health. The basic rules of yoga are cleanliness of the body, mind and your surroundings and soap is the simplest way to reach that.

Do you want to talk about your project and motivation to opened the first lgbt yoga retreat in goa?How did u got this idea and how that became roots?How was the reaction of the society?

I always wanted to help people amidst the refugee crisis in 2014 and even came to Europe to do that but to no avail. I met someone at the time who remarked why not help people in your own country? This pushed me to work towards achieving equality in a country like India where I’m still on of the few out and proud lgbt members visible in society.

At the same time I also lost my friend in the Germanwings plane crash as he was traveling to Germany to celebrate his 30th birthday and he forever inspired me to do more being a huge advocate for lgbt rights in Australia himself.

Lets go back to your new Project We love your natural soaps and want to know more! How were you introduced to handcrafted soap making?

My bestie and I were travelling to Bangkok in 2019 and I decided to enrol us in a soap making course as he had expressed an interest in it. My teacher was a scientist and explained us in detail the unique method she used to create her cooked handmade soaps. I had never thought of it as more than a hobby but when I created and used my first batch I just knew I had used the best soap in my life.

How long have you been making soap?

I just completed six months since I made my first batch.

Who or what is your soap making inspiration?

I have always had a huge interest in buying soaps wherever I travelled to in the world and being a great cook and baker it really aligns with my skills. My teacher is a true inspiration as I wish to open my concept store here in Berlin one day.

In your view, what makes your soaps special?

So far I’m still the only person who makes hot process soaps in Berlin. The major difference being that all the ingredients come from my kitchen and are based on my knowledge of Ayurveda. They are not just soaps. They are cleansing and moisturizing and free from all synthetics and perfumes and heavily processed ingredients. I spend no effort on trying to make them look pretty or perfect. They are little prices of my soul handcrafted with love using the best quality ingredients available locally.

What’s your biggest challenge as a soap maker?

I have constantly rejected offers from becoming big or too commercial. Whether it was my yoga practice or my handmade soaps – it’s done by me and me only. I like to stay very true to what I do rather than see it as a money making tool.

Which of your products would you recommend the most?

Currently I’m offering hair, face and body soaps and all of them have unique properties. I recommend trying at least one of each and seeing truly how it changes your life forever.

What is your guiding philosophy in business?

Love what you do and do what you love.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

That I’m a qualified accountant and lawyer.

How do you define success?

Success is bringing happiness to people’s lives.

Which steps the world needs to make to be a better place for everyone?

Being generous towards each other and buying only local and natural products.

How can we make it happen as small artiginal producers?

Staying true to our art and believing in ourselves rather than comparing ourselves to the norm.

How is your life motto?

Do what makes you happiest.

Place on earth people should visit on earth: Goa, India

Would you like to add something or share with us?

I am truly grateful for generosity and love people have shown me wherever I have been. It’s never easy especially being a migrant but I can assure you that I would give whatever I can to help better people’s lives and protect our earth. That is my legacy.

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