Inspiring success story.

Hello KULA Family, transformation and creating something new, sides you did not discovered before.
Okan, our founder of Lemur Store in Istanbul, KULA in Berlin and Designer, Creator of your favorite Concrete Planter Pots or your Radio Lamps and all other handcrafted interior items is going into the field of art.

Im surprised how human being can transform and create such amazing new work. I want to share his work with you.

As you know each piece you have from him, if its the lamp or one of his amazing pots, inspired by wabi sabi ideology and kintsugi is a unique collectors pieces. We went to Etna in Sicily, Okan got inspired by all the different shapes from the Etna, light and the freedom of a such empowered place made by nature.

He said ” He walks on the Etna which has an incredible power and kind of danger in the same time this Vulcans bring life and beauty to us humans.” Not everything is black and white. We have to understand nature and live in symbiosis to it, to learn, plant, gain and breath.

We came back from Sicily and Okan went directly with his collected Etna Stones to his studio.

What happen there?

He created some of his incredible planter pots but then 12 hours later he worked on handcrafted Clay-plates to create something more unique you never saw before. He created this pattern, he saw on Etna and bring the Etna shapes to his work.

Now half year later, he published his first 3 Art Pieces. Ever piece has his own story and different kind of synergies.

Art Serie 1; Concrete on Clay, Transformation, 2022

Its goes fast, in September the 2nd we would like to invite you to his first Exhibition on Lange Nacht der Bilder, Lichtenberg, Berlin. Come and join us at Kunsthaus HB55, Herzbergstr. 55, Lichtenberg.

You want to own one of his art work piece?

Small chat with Okan, follow his instagram

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