Jane Katharina di Renzo is an italian- german, photographer, graphic designer and multi project maker and head of ideas. 

She is our graphic design, photographer and creator of our organic essential soy wax candles.

Let’s get closer to her to check out what she has in her mind by doing many projects and creating meanwhile new ones. If you have the chance to join one of her workshops or just have a small chat on the street, afterwards you will see the world different.

Jane, how do you get inspired and always new ideas are coming in your mind?

My inspiration is my environment and probably also how i grow up. My family is a visionary family with huge ideas and they are all makers. Thanks to them. Often when i talk to people, about their wishes and dreams, ideas are coming in my mind how to realize them in a strategic way. I just would love them to see how the people around me are growing. Often people have awesome ideas, but sometimes the vision is missing and this is all what i do. I give them the tools to make it real.

On which projects are you currently working?

One of my current project is giving Kula Berlin a base to walk on. After Kula Berlin will establish i would love to focus on a on going project in Italy. More you will see in the upcomming month.

You are choosing colors and the essential oils and the mixtures of them to create a unique essence. Where do you get inspired by?

Most of my inspiration of perfume and smell i get on my trips in Italy, France, Marocco and Turkey. In these countries you can find always someone who work with flower essentials. As well i love italian smells like Marsiglia or just if you hike up the mountains, the natures smell is awesome.

We all know you are enjoying to cook. What was the last ingredients you cooked with?

I cooked with Safran from Abruzzo and Truffle. Both are grounded and are fitting perfectly in autumn time. But the most simple thing after work is always a Pasta Aglio Oglio e Peperocini. Here at Kula Berlin you can also get some products im using. Like Truffle and Safran or organic Olive oil or some chutneys. These are always nice canapés with a small aperitif like Spritz or Negroni.

What is your motto?

It’s depends on the situation and in which environment im in. But mostly this would fit always:

“Everything is possible, just do it.”

Jane Katharina di Renzos small Biography:

Jane Katharina di Renzo growed up in Northern Germany, moved with 17 to Berlin and started an artistic career between italy and germany. After she etablished a Full-Service Agency “Don’t Wait” in Berlin. In 2014 she moved to Istanbul, Turkey. In 2018 she moved back to Berlin. Currently she has an exhibition at the Biennial of Brasil. She works as a freelancer for different companies and always on the road to the next idea.

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