The innovator of novelties in concrete. 

Hello Okan, you moved in 2018 to Berlin from Istanbul and started to work with concrete.

Why did you choose to use the material concrete?

It is important to choose the right material for the object you want to produce. It is important to take into consideration not only the quality and benefits of the material, but also the atmosphere the material is producing. Concrete is very formable and effective to use for a wide variety of objects. It is a modern day miracle, – very solid, resilient and only needs little maintenance. For these reasons it is the perfect material to create planters and lamps to complement cozy and minimalistic home interior, without being plain and dull.

All planters and lamps are unique and handcrafted, what is inspiring you in your daily life?

I have grown up in Istanbul and have lived in Berlin. I love urban design and it has been with me my whole life. I appreciate the colors of forests and the blues of the Bosphorus. In my work, I try to combine urban design with the gentleness and soothing effects of nature.

How do you connect Istanbul and Berlin in your work? 

Istanbul is a romantic city, full of beautiful, historical architecture and design. In every corner you can see artists creating and developing new pieces of art, combining colors and shapes from the past with a modern touch. Like Berlin, Istanbul is also not ready and still in the process of development. Therefore, Berlin inspired me to take my handcraft experience from Istanbul to take part in the process of creating.

Which atmosphere do you like to produce in the home environment? 

Home is a place where people you love come together and connect. Where you feel cozy and free at the same time. Where there are no boundaries. It needs to be a place where people feel welcomed and can relax.

How would you combine the planters in home interior? 

Colors and accessories should mix perfectly with their surrounding. It should be a rhythm of the personal taste of the owner. I always try to create environments with meaning and expressing different phases of my life. I use materials from nature, such as mineral stones and colors that I found during my trips around the world. Giving life to space through personal stories, a mixture of contemporary and antique pieces.

I create objects in different shapes and color combinations, they can complement a wide range of home interior styles depends on the owners style, ranging from minimalism and marvel color mixtures to gold and copper combinations, as inspired by the well known Japanese art Kintsugi.

What do you wish for the following year?

There are always possibilities if people of different discipline come together and creating new things. I constantly looking for new challenges and new waves to develop my work.

Small Biography about Okan

Okan growed up in Istanbul, lived and worked in the artistic and urban scene of Taksim, later on in Kadiköy the hippest area of istanbul. He supported local designers in his own store, called Lemur Store, which he established in 2013. After moving to Berlin he started to creating his own products, inspired by his environment in Istanbul.

His life motto: “I’m a dreamer, but not the only one!” by John Lennon.


Private and Corporate Events , In and Out – House Seminars

This workshop introduces participant to modern concrete through an immersive experience of crafting fine concrete design interior. It is designed for beginners who want to get a hands-on introduction to concrete work and take home a beautiful product. 

After a brief survey of principles and process, participants will dive into their projects to make a concrete planter or candle. Our work will focus on joinery: measuring, coloring, and assembling mineral connections with soy wax and essential oils. 

Join our private and corporate events. Book for groups or you want to have a special event at your company or home, just keep in contact with us. 

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