Today we want to present you Monkey Tree Stay, the project of Dan & An. Not always the main cities are gems. We love to take sideways to learn and see the hidden gems and the daily routine of inspiring people. In this interview you will discover local information and best place to stay in Schiedam!

Can you tell something about yourself and how you came up with the idea to rent out your apartment?
We are Dan & An. Sometimes we call ourselves DNA 🙂 Dan is an interior builder and I work in mental health care. We got the chance to buy the neighbor’s house so and use it to enlarge our own house. It is a building from 1890 and it had to be renovated considerably. I always wanted a guest house and Dan was actually satisfied with his work in which he could express his creativity.
We came on the idea when tattooists, who had a guest pot at Stay Classy Tattoo, Tattoo Artist and my son Hans Pasztjerik, regularly looked for an overnight stay. And at the same time we saw that there was an increase in tourists in Schiedam who could hardly book something.

What inspired you to decorate your apartment the way you did?
We are inspired by our trips to Berlin and other cities in Europe and exotic destinations in Asia and South America especially Pipa Brasil, and we love natural materials, such as wood and metal. And we love music, coincidentally we have the same taste. Music also inspires us, you should actually see that, in our living room we have a painting of Kurt Cobain, Saletti Monkeys and Bananas. In the Monkey Tree Stay, you can see images of Punk, New Wave and Hip Hop icons on cards and stickers, In terms of color we both like different shades of green and blue, And yellow which can also be seen in the Monkey Tree Stay

How would you describe your design style?
DNA & Cosy!

How do you stay inspired. When it comes to your own design and decor choices?
I love retro, durable, vintage, art & handcraft and design, but I also like to look at work by starting designers and entrepreneurs in concept stores. My things at home and in the Monkey Tree were chosen with feeling. It has to be practical. Are and give a nice feeling, and the best thing is when other people are happy or enthusiastic about it.

What are your favorite artwork or design in your apartment?
The two edision radio lamps from Okan Gökgöz, Kula Berlin! In addition, the Seletti monkeys, a copper Swordfish which we bought in Palermo, the bronze ruin of Anthon Hoornweg and Star Wars work by Kevin Langedijk.

What do you like most about living in Schiedam?
We were both born and raised in Schiedam and we love the history of our Brandersstad; the mills and that it is located on the Nieuwe Waterweg that leads to Rotterdam and flows into the North Sea. Schiedam is known for his Gin and borders directly Rotterdam, a dynamic city, always on the move with beautiful architecture and design.

Can you recommend restaurants or cafes nearby that are a must for guests?
Here in the old center of Schiedam, the restaurants are all good, something for everyone. We go every weekend at the Cocktailbar Post and to the Peachy Juicery for the vitamins, we always need. And drink capuccino at Latte Heart, and for a nice ice we visit La Sorpresa. My favorite drink you can get at Post Schiedam, recommending also the stunning food.

Are there any local art galleries or museums you recommend to visit?
Art Gallery Voûte , the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, the Genever Museum (Gin-Museum), Galerie Jabelle, Tone & Image Gallery,The Dirt, Ultraum, Soda Factory. Wennekerpand and Theater aan de Schie for film, music and theater.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to decorate of his own space? Above all, choose an item that appeals to you, but also pay attention to whether it fits your space in terms of size. It is better to wait a long time for a purchase that really makes you happy and has chosen carefully than that you buys something headlessly without feeling.

What do you like most about receiving guests in your apartment?
If people are excited about the stay and show that. We are interested in guests and always find it interesting to hear where they come from and what brings them to Schiedam.

Can you recommend local parks or outdoor areas that guests would have to visit?
De Weelde and Ultraum are nice places to eat and drink outside. For wealth it is unfortunately last year arrived, homes are taking place in the M4H area. You can also easily take the metro to the beach in Hoek van Holland, the travel time is only 20 minutes. 

Schiedam has the oldest park of Neatherland, the Plantage and next to it there is the Maasboulevard, which is located on the Nieuwe Mass. From the boulevard you can see the ships that go to the Port of Rotterdam sail and also see the Euromast.

What is your biggest dream or ambition in life, and how do you work towards it?
Our dream (and ambition) has come true; that is our Monkey Tree Stay! But we also dream about a guesthouse in Spain, where we can stay ourselves and enjoy with our children, family and friends. We want to achieve that by working hard with pleasure.

What is your personal motto or guiding principle in life, and how has this helped shape your decisions and actions?
Believe in yourself, cherish creativity and do business, if you are lucky enough to live in freedom. Nothing in life is self-evident, remember, time is precious too.

How can the EU improve female entrepreneurs and business owners support, and what steps can be taken to more gender diversity and representation in the business world promote?
Equal pay regardless of gender or origin.

Is there anything you always wanted to share?
Think in possibilities and not in trouble. 


Places to visit in Schiedam

Post Schiedam
Korte Dam 10
3111BG Schiedam

Peachy Juicery & Cafe

Stay Classy Tattoo

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