“Eye of color and composition.”

Umut Peh, our freelance graphic designer for KULA ART PRINTS. Based in Kuzguncuk/ Istanbul. He started his career at BBDO and works now for a bunch of brands in Turkey. His amazing eye for colors is inspiring lets start with the interview, he is anything but subtle.

Hello Umut, 

Tell us how you got started as an grafik designer. What drew you into illustrations?

I had a chance to work as an intern in a small design studio back in 2005. After 1 month they asked me to work for them and I said sure. I quit school and started to work there. At that time I mostly designed posters and book covers for the non-profit organizations. I was drawing illustrations at my spare time but I never considered it as a job. It was only my hobby.

Who are the people who have influenced your aesthetics and your approach to design?

The legends like Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Yossi Lemel, Oded Ezer. Their work was great but it was not the finished product that I admire. It was the process. How they took a complicated problem and solved it. Simple yet powerful. This has to be the goal.

 What is the most challenging part of graphic design work?

To start! Blank paper is the most frightening thing for me but it also gives you limitless possibilites. After you start that anxiety slowly fades away joy takes place.

Could you tell me the story about the poster „Berghain“ for KULABERLIN. How did you come up with this poster?

The creator of this series is Okan. We had a discussion about this last year but we couldn’t had a chance to start. He gave me insights about the spots in Berlin and the goal was combine these spots with the florals. When he first told me about the Berghain I thought it was brilliant and we did what you see here.

What is your idea of having a good life? 

Getting paid for doing what you like and spending that with your friends.

We are curios of the next project. Thank you for your time, Umut!

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